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This is a weblog of one person's multi-year quest to write, draw, and publish a graphic novel. This is my story: my trials, tribulations, successes and failures. -- Robert Stradley, Weekend Artist

January 2019.
Magniloquence the Superheroine was originally supposed to be a 2 year project. It turned into a 6 year project that got me only half way thru the written script. This was due to a number of circumstances:

1. Learning what was involved with drawing, coloring, lettering, and mounting a weekly webcomic.

2. Taking time to learn to draw interior and exterior backgrounds.

3. Taking time to learn how to draw action figures.

4. Taking time to learn how to color first teh weekly panels, and then high quality pictures, such as fireworks, azelias, day scenes with shadows, night scenes with glowing lights, and "so cold it causes shivers" snow and ice scenes.

It is now time to return to the original webcomic project, the Amberleigh Chronicles. I had fun with Magniloquence, I learned a lot, and I will return to draw more of the already scripted stories in the future. Probably when I need a break from Amberleigh. Or holidays.

It has been a wild ride.

Robert Stradley, the Weekend Artist

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January 2019

Magniloquence the Superheroine is on hiatus while we work on Amberleigh Chronicles.

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