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This is a weblog of one person's multi-year quest to write, draw, and publish a graphic novel. This is my story: my trials, tribulations, successes and failures. -- Robert Stradley, Weekend Artist

January 2018.
Entering the sixth year of Magniloquence the Superheroine. I never expected it to take this long or be so much fun.

Started and finished the High Noon super duel sequence with Ampére and Dr. Logarithm. High Noon is an homage to Coop's movie and has several panels similar to movie scenes.

completed the New Year's celbration picture and mounted it on New Years. I got to show all four superheroines and superheroes celebrating at the Wonder Falls New Years Gala.

Completed volume 2 number 1 with an AOOA and the final 72 hour honeymoon panel 144.

Started Volume 2 number 2 with the alien attack storyline. Designed the aliens and the tripod walkers, an homage to George Well's War of the Worlds.

Finished the Valentines pictures for the holiday, also just in time. .

Deisgned alien attack cover for Vol 2 No 2. Designed panel for return from Can-Doer including the old standby joke about superheroes floating in the air in line at thefast food joint. Designed the "Nothing short of an alien invasion will pry me out of our bed tonight," another of the original concept jokes.

Published Volume 2 No 2.

Had fun drawing the action shots and action poses in panels 147-149. Spent the better part of a week on the Mayor's mansion and azelias picture. Got to reprise the "she said a bad word" joke from earlier, with a capper about Madame Mayor's temper.

Had a lot of fun drawing Jack the Easter Jackalope, his girlfriend Jilly, and the Easter Bilby from Australia.

Panels 150-152 let me explore the relationship between Magniloquence and Kinematic Man. We also got to include the reason for the alien invasion: they wanted some of the world famous Cactus Brother's Barbeque Pretzels.   

Panels 152-155 let me explore the private relationship of Janusc and Priscilla and the effects of her religious fervor on their private lives. Panel 156 allowed me to have Priscilla vent about the bad word thing, while still remaining perfectly polite in print.

Got the swimsuit special finished on the Fourth. This is beginning to be a trend, and not a good one. Priscilla gets to model a "modern" 50's style swimsuit, while Aimée models a patriotic bikini popular this year.

Magniloquence admits to Aimée that marriage is better than chocolate while blushing as she thinks about the joy of "marital duties." Priscilla vents about hypocricy and politeness. Yes indeed polite lies are a good thing. She ends up by intentionally causing some controversy about business letters.

Panels 160-162: Magniloquence visits the little girl to apologize about using a bad word, and then almost loses it when the aliens return. The aliens are back when thy run out of barbeque pretzels.
Janusc calls Magniloquence in the middle of working day [and a fight] to do the gender reversal "can you pick up some grocceries?" He reveals that they have a thing about wine and marshmallows. What can it be?

Panels 166-168: Janusc gets Magniloquence drunk and has to chase her all around town. He calls her back using the big M spotlight and "superman moth joke" made famous by Larson.

Panels 160-170 shows Priscilla and Janusc at home in bed with a hangover.

I had a wonderful time for the Halloween panel showing what happens when Priscilla trys to fly using a broomstick. Aimée does an acrobatic dismount and Priscilla augers in, and then gets chewed out by her mother.

Panels 171-172 show the resolution to the Alien Invasion. We get a glimpse of the Aliens home, with perches and a superwide screen TV. We also get introduced to the Cactus Brothers.

Thanksgiving gave me an opportunity to pay tribute to Norman Rockwell in a gender reversal with Janusc holding the steaming turkey he cooked.


For the christmas season, I finished several new Priscilla Christmas Carols. And for a final picture of 2018, I drew a Christmas Aimée in a tribute to the late great Al Rio.

Published Volume 2 No 2.

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Quill  News-2018

First quarter 2018

Completed Volume 2 number 1 with the Honeymoon and the Can-Doer Hotel.

Published Vol 2 No 1.

Second quarter 2018

Started Volume 2 number 2: the Alien Invasion of Wonder Falls.

Introduced the Easter Jackalope's girlfriend Jilly and the Easter Bilby form Australia.

Third quarter 2018

Continued the Alien Invasion story line and explored the effects of religious fervor on a superheroine.

Fourth quarter 2018

Explored the effects of intoxication of a superheroine. Resolved the storyline of the Alien Invasion.

Published Vol 2 No 2.

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