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This is a weblog of one person's multi-year quest to write, draw, and publish a graphic novel. This is my story: my trials, tribulations, successes and failures. -- Robert Stradley, Weekend Artist

January 2017.
Completed the last of the holiday season comics on New Years Day. Whew! This was getting a bit too close for comfort.

Rewrote wedding sequence and revised layouts for the upteenth time to fit the drawings that I made. Inked, coloured, and completed the wedding sequence comics 113-116. Again, the quality of the pictures was much higher then needed for the comic. But this time there was a good reason. I want to make a "Wedding Album" of the pictures.

I have completed Volume 1 of Magniloquence the Superheroine, and I have now achieved another one of my lifetime goals. Next goal up: get comics printed.

Finished assembling a Wedding Album as a seperate document with high quality large "photos." Priscilla annotated the album on opposite pages of the photos. The booklet previews on the Website this month, and will be available for sale in March.

Off on vacation for a few weeks. Interludes were published.

Started Volume 2 panels this month, and completed Honeymoon sequence 117-119.

Designed, drew, and painted Cover for Volume 2 number 1. Since this comic has concurrent storylines of Pricilla's Honeymoon and Ampére/Six Shooter superhero work, I had to make a decision on who to feature on the comic cover. I decided on Ampére and Six Shooter.

Completed panels 120-123. I had fun drawing Priscilla and Janusc's "love under the sheets." [ I started drawing pictures like this in 1974, but it took until 2017 to make them into a comic. Bingo! Another life goal achieved.]

Started work on the Summer House of Solipsism and Can-doer, the city in a can, both riffs on Superman's Fortress of Solitude and Kandor. Having marvelous fun designing a city and drawing an ice palace.   Completed a second alternate cover for Volume 2 No 1 when characters are in Can-Doer.

Completed the honeymoon panels thru 130. Had quite a lot of fun drawing the "naughty bits" incuding Priscilla's baby dolls. I got so interested in 1960's baby doll pj's that I even watched "If a Man Answers" again, just to see Sandra Dee be flirty.

In Magniloquence's absence, Ampére is protecting Wonder Falls. Aimée has also taken over the column with her AOOA version. Completed two panels 131-132 and Interludes.

Off on vacation for a few weeks. Interludes 1215-1218 were completed and published.

Continued with current plotline drawing panels 133-135, bouncing back and forth between honeymoon and Wonder Falls. Introduced the team up of Ampére and Six Shooter.

Completed Halloween. Started the holiday cycle of panels.

Completed Aimée's Oracle of Outrageous Advice 2 and 3 [Aimée is filling in for Priscilla during her honeymoon.] Also completed two of Priscilla's Interludes while on vacation. This completes volume 1 of the Interludes.

Completed Christmas carols, Christmas, and New Years holiday panels. This completes Volume 1 of the holiday panels.


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Quill  News-2017

1st Quarter 2017

Completed the wedding sequence thru comic 116. This completes comic Volume 1 Number 4.

Wrote and illustrated the Wedding Album.

Started Vol 2 No 1 cover and honeymoon panels.

A compendium of the first four issues will be assembled into a trade publication.

2nd Quarter 2017

Completed honeymoon sequences thru comic 123. Designed SHoS and Can-doer.

3rd Quarter 2017

Completed honeymoon, AOOA, and Interludes.

4th Quarter 2017

Completed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas holiday panels. Started first adventure of Ampére and Six Shooter.

Still trying to make a decision if we want to Kickstarter the comics and trade compendium or self-publish.

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