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Six Shooter

Six Shooter BillyBob dancer

Line Dancingkissing

six shooter Biography

Six Shooter: Hero

Real world name: Billy Bob Weston. 

Superhero characteristics: Fastest cowboy in the West with his six shooters. 

Appearance:  Looks like a television cowboy-- tall, slim hipped, with wide shoulders – typical cowboy build.  Anglo complexion and red hair, indicating some hard drinking Irishman was in his lineage. Squinty brown eyes.  Normally wears tan vest and cowboy hat, blue jeans, yellow shirt, red bandana with same red as his hair, dark brown cowboy boots.  His Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes are a pearl snap white shirt, bolo tie, and dark bluejeans with a hand-tooled belt with his name on it.         

Colors: tan and yellow.

Superhero Personality: Texas good ol' boy -- Cowboy all the way.  Boisterous, always moving, friendly. Free with his money for fun or to anyone in need.  "Why I’d do ‘most anything for you darlin’, just ask."  When things go wrong, he just “Cowboys up.”

Real World Personality: Rodeo Cowboy all the way.  That means he is kind to animals and kids, competitive, but filled with charity for those in need, and flashes into righteous anger with "thangs that jus' ain't right." 

Faults and Problems: Not around much, due to that rodeo thang.   He is always spending or giving his money away, and then he comes hat-in-hand to Aimée’s place 'till he leaves for the next rodeo.

Phrases: Any West Texas or Cowboy phraseology.  "Howdy, Sugar. Can I hep ya?" "Watch out for that bobware there."    "I'm jus' a good ole boy havin' fun."

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March 31, 2014

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