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Kinematic Man

Kinematic Man Turnaround

Jan Czerniawski Turnaround

Jan Czerniawski Pinup

Kinematic man Biography

Kinematic Man: Hero 

Real world name: Janusz [John] Czerniawski

Superhero characteristics:  High speed motion, speedy -> zippy speed - > preposterous speed.  Note that speed is relativistic.  As he moves faster, it appears that the world slows down, and that he is simply running at a normal speed.  To everyone else, he simply becomes a blur.

Appearance: Average height [slightly smaller than Magniloquence], well muscled body, strong legs.   Golden hair and sleepy green eyes.  Waist size varies [slim to rounded] depending on how much super-exercise he gets.  Moss green super suit with golden cuffs.  Golden sneakers. In a business suit, his broad shoulders make him look chunky.

Colors: moss green and gold.

Superhero Personality:  Calm, quiet, efficient -- just gets the job done and disappears.  He has a very slow temper which smolders before exploding.  Then all heck-fire breaks loose.  

Real World Personality: Calm, quiet, humble, kind, patient, diligent. Reasonable and accommodating, but with an underlying strength of character to do what is right.  

Real world job: Unemployed. He was a Tech exec in the Big D before the Great Recession when he was downsized.

Faults and Problems: At preposterous speed, air friction burns off hair, clothing, and heats up metals.  He eats a lot, and he has a tendency to put on weight if he doesn’t exercise at super-speed. 

Polish phrases: słodki nieba [sweet heaven] or dobry Bóg [good God], or o mój Boże [Oh my God; goodness gracious].

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Magniloquence the superheroine

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March 31, 2014

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